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i'm wicked pissed off!
2003-07-31, 1:14 a.m.

is anyone else having trouble with aim tonight? one of my buddy lists isn't showing up; the other is but isn't letting me view anyone's away messages. i just restarted my computer, and every five seconds a message pops up saying that my cable is unplugged... which it isn't cause i'm definitely connected on yahoo. and typing this on the internet. gah, aim sucks.

so tomorrow morning i'm seriously going to get an ass-kicking from my mum. today she was complaining that i don't do anything, when i simply asked her if she had any free time to iron a pair of khakis. first, it was one pair. second, i wouldn't have needed the khakis if i wasn't going to work on my day off. so i said "nevermind!" and went back to my room and she started screaming that she'd do it if i was going to be so lazy about it myself. the reason i asked her was because i had to get ready for work, and i didn't know she was going out (just to bring my brother to his girlfriend's... HE never does ANYTHING yet she does so much shit for him).

so anyway, why i'm going to get an asskicking tomorrow. i just wrote her a note, that went along the lines of:

mom, we're out of contact solution. if you can take time out of your oh-so-busy schedule tomorrow morning, could you go pick some up? i would myself, as i apparently have nothing else to do with my life, but i have no money. better yet, just make scott walk down to CVS, as he does even less than me. -christine

i'm so evil. she's probably going to wake me up at seven in the morning tomorrow. if that's the case, i should probably get going on my sleep...

and my sister needs to learn how to frickin' park her car in the driveway. okay, my driveway basically has four parking spots (we have four cars... which means that we are constantly moving around one or two to get the other cars that are parked in front of them). i pull in after work today, and my sister's stupid car is taking up TWO SPOTS. i mean, i know they're not marked off or anything, but still... it's in the middle of the driveway. i would've freaking hit her car trying to get into my spot, if i wouldn't have also screwed up my car in the process... luckily i'm good at parking, unlike her, so i managed to get into my spot (halfway on the grass, but oh well) without hitting her. i have no idea how she's going to get out in the morning, though. she better not hit my car. i'll sue her. i don't care if she's family.

yeah i'm really pissed tonight. can you tell? it might be that kim's moving tomorrow (NO!!!) or that i won't see him until monday, at least. or the fact that i got my schedule for next week, and the only day i'm not working is friday (i'm unavailable that day; just so i will have ONE day off).

but august 13th, we're having a target girls night out at club hell in providence (who cares if it's 21+? meghan used to work there and can get us in). i don't care if i'm scheduled to work that night. screw target, that's my last week there, like i care. i'll definitely call out.

heather and i want to get dressed up as pirates' whores next time we go see pirates of the caribbean. ha we're so weird.

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