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hullo all
2004-01-23, 3:03 p.m.

Whoa. Hello, diaryland. It appears that I haven't updated in 68 days.

Well, for those who don't read my livejournal, I was sick, I had finals, Christmas happened, I passed all my classes, and now I'm on an over-long break and need to go back to New York. Which won't happen for another week so bleh.

Anyway. I'm going to hope to revive this. I used to write long entries in here and save the random blog-like things for livejournal. Hopefully I'll do that again. LJ is just so much more interactive, I feel... bah. I hate to abandon my diaryland for it but it appears that's what I've done.

Anyway. Update before this account goes inactive. And hopefully there will be more. :o)

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