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bored before work
2003-07-30, 5:06 p.m.

yesterday i went to see seabiscuit. i wanted to go see it opening day, but i had no money, and then i worked all weekend. but kim and i went to see the matinee showing of it yesterday. it was amazing. the first half of it wasn't about horse racing, just the history of the three main characters. but it was still a great movie. everyone should go see it (it's just an added bonus if you, like me, love horse racing).

i've been watching abc family alll day. for some reason i sat through mary kate and ashley olsen's new (?) show, and i've seen ten million commercials for melissa joan hart's wedding on saturday. now i'm watching hang time. haha. but after this, i have to go to work... and he's not working today. : (

two days until payday!

oh now a commercial for "bend it like beckham" is on. so the girl in this was also in pirates of the caribbean, but she didn't have an accent there, and she does here. even though in both, she's supposed to be from england. wicked annoying.

okay well i guess i'll go do something... don't know what i can do before leaving for work, though. perhaps put my contacts in? haha.

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