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the morning after always looks better
2003-07-31, 11:40 a.m.

can i just say how much i love my friends? i just woke up to the sweetest message from heather. as you probably know, i was in a horrible mood last night (although i was kidding about the asskicking; at most my mum would probably either yell at me, or ignore me, but she's gone for the day already) and my away message conveyed that pretty well. so she left me such a nice message this morning. i love heather. we were friends before, but not really close until this summer. funny how everything changes...

anyway, my sister also left me a message. she left me her contact solution to use until someone can get to the store. then she wrote "think of hal...haha...what a funny little name" heehee.

and my brother wrote a note under my note last night: "leave me out of this" hahaha that amused me sooo much. i don't know where he is now; probably at his girlfriend's. eh, whatever. i guess that means i have the whole house to myself until i leave for work at three.

i guess i should go get in the shower now so i don't wait until last minute. cause i'm good at that. :o)

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