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indie girl
2003-07-29, 9:19 p.m.

last night when i was talking to hal about my sister's dreadful cd, and he asked what kind of music i listened to, i answered mainly punk and indie. he said "yeah, you look like an indie girl." haha i've never had anyone tell me that before. i don't know whether to take it as a compliment or not. anyway so all day today, my sister's been calling me an indie girl. in the mail (for some unknown reason) today i got a gift certificate to express. she asked if she could have it, because i don't shop there because i'm "an indie girl." it's true though (that i don't shop there). then we were trying to figure out why i got it, and she asked if i had a magazine subscription (i accidentally typed prescription, oops). i said yes, but... AP, alternative press (the newest issue has the weakerthans in it, by the way!), which is an indie magazine. she was like, "yeah, that's not an express type of magazine. cause you're an indie girl." haha she's going to be calling me this the next three weeks until she goes back to school.

rooftop suicide club: indie girl

indie girl indie girl indie girl
posting everyday
she's listening her life away
i visit her everyday

indie girl indie girl indie girl
rewrites all the rules
talking about herself makes her feel so cool
but i wish sometimes she'd listen to the radio
cuz it's no good to be right all the time
all the time

she's got an ebay store
full of thrift store clothes
a lavender baby tee shirt in a bidding war
her pocketbook matches her lisa loeb glasses
her chain wallet swings as she walks down the street
hummin' jets to brazil and bikini kill
i'm thinkin manilow...
man, that cat could flow

indie girl indie girl indie girl
i used to be like you
but you're not really different
when everyone wants to look like you
your confessional dashboard was
just a xerox of someone's love
you should put on some air supply
while applying your red hair dye
you learned how to play guitar
but you're not gonna be a star
riding everyone else's wings
wearing everyone else's thing
you're a wallflower
you are girl power
you are indie girl

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lyrics from savage garden's crash and burn and are copyrighted to savage garden