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don't dream it, be it
2003-11-02, 1:48 p.m.

Two updates:

1) I'm happy. That's good news. I hope it lasts.

2) I made a new diaryring, inspired by last night. And if you don't know about last night, either check out my livejournal or skip down to the bottom of this.

So what's been going on that's been making me happy? I'm not sure but whatever it is, it better stay! It started last weekend, when Mikey was here. We'd both been going through a depressed time (which is why he came to visit) and seeing him just cheered me up, because he's so awesome. I hope he felt better after the weekend, because I did. Since then, Sarah hasn't been ignoring me quite so much (although still enough... but I'm not going to write about it because that would ruin my great mood).

I finally dropped English 41 (and that day, my professor emailed me saying that if I missed the class two more times, I'd fail.... Nice to know, as I haven't gone in about a month). That's a huge weight taken off of my shoulders. I have to take the course for my English degree, but this semestre was just too much work (I was taking 18 credits, three of them English classes). I plan on taking it with the same professor, in fact. She's a great professor, it was just a lot of work that I couldn't handle at the time.

I don't think I'm sick anymore, or at least on the path to recovery, which of course is helping my mood. I was at work on Thursday and Lou (my boss) walked in, looked at me, and said, "You look like shit." Then, later that day, I called my mum and she said I sounded horrible. But I'm feeling better now. Today I actually went to the gym, which I haven't done in three weeks (when I first got sick). It was relieving, not feeling like I was going to pass out, but my ass is going to be kicked in kickboxing on Tuesday. That should be fun.

Um... what else? Oh, and I've also seen Ricky a lot in the past week. Tuesday, I ran into him at Bits and Bytes (a ridiculously overpriced restaurant at school) and had a decent length conversation with him, mostly about him no longer being a drama major (he switched to English.... Is he depressed?). And then I've just seen him around campus and said a quick hi, but it's always great to see him (he's so cute, especially when he smiles!). And of course, last night was Rocky Horror and he played Brad (usually he's a phantom), so that was exciting. He was wonderful, of course. But we haven't yet gotten to that part.

Then, Friday I got paid, and it was Halloween. I went out and got my costume (the only things I needed to buy were the actual clothes, a skirt and shirt... oh, and boots), and then I visited Christie at work, and then I got ready for the night. I went to Elyssa's party, where I got absolutely smashed. I don't remember a good part of the night. You can see pictures of before I was drunk here. Sarah left to go to the diner (who leaves their absolutely drunk roommate with a bunch of people she doesn't know?), and then I was talking to Dan for a while... but I was laying on the bed and kept randomly falling asleep for a few minutes. Eventually, he walked me back to my dorm, where he crashed (on the floor), and Sarah came back.

Yesterday, Christie and I went shopping. Vanessa said there was a store of all 80s stuff in the mall (but I couldn't get the name out of her because she was so drunk), so we went exploring (oh, but not before we got lost in some random town). We didn't find it, but I did find awesome Christmas presents for myself (I called my mum this morning and told her): Hot Topic has a whole section of Rainbow Brite, Care Bears, and other 80s stuff. I especially want the Rainbow Brite and Gremlins hoodies. But I didn't want to spend my entire paycheck (now, I have $100 left of $260), so I made out cheap: a set of four bracelets, an Atari wristband because I'm a dork, and starry shoelaces. I swear, I had such a hard time walking out of that store with only those few things. So today I called my mum and told her for Christmas, to just buy out that store. Especially all the Rainbow Brite stuff. I love Rainbow Brite.

Also at the mall, I bought purple hair dye (which I've already put in) and hit FYE to attack the used cd bins. I ended up getting the Verve's Urban Hymns for $8, and Punk O Rama #5 for $5 (that was new... I hate when I spend more money on used cds than new ones). I wanted the new Rufus cd, but it was $20 (!!) so I'll just wait until I go home to get that. Because, paying that much for a cd (even Rufus) is ridiculous (the cheapest I've found it here is $18), but then add on New York tax... So I'll just get it at home.

Then, after I had no more money in my wallet (and refused to go to the ATM, thus exhibiting the first time I've ever had self-control), we came back to my dorm, where we got all dolled up for Rocky Horror (or... I did, Christie dyed my hair and then laid on the floor). And then we were off. And it was amazing. So much better than Hofstra's production last year (funny, since half the people in it were from Hofstra and did it last year). But I can't describe it, because it's just one of those things you have to see for yourself (and this entry's already wicked long). Let's just say, Rocky had the cutest mullet (cute mullet??) ever, and Ricky was SO HOT. First, he was just adorable and so funny as Brad. Then, during the floor show... Oh man. Seriously, give me a guy in fishnets, red panties, and high heels, and I'll love him (especially if he has as nice legs and a cute ass as Ricky!). Reason number four hundred and fifty-nine why I have issues with dating straight men. But Ricky's straight, so it's all good.

So yeah... remember the beginning of last year, when I absolutely loved Ricky (and was convinced he was my soulmate)? I think it's back. For one, I never thought he wasn't my soulmate. He was just really busy with drama. But now he's an English major (and I bet the drama department's kicking themselves over that; he was the pride of the drama department last year, despite only being a freshman), so he should have more time to hang out and stuff. Because, we all know that English majors don't do anything. I proudly admit it. So, we'll see what happens...

I guess Hal's out of the picture. For now. *wink*

Okay, I'm going to end this huge ass entry now. And I still have a huge smile on my face. This is great.

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