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why do you choose your pain?
2003-10-19, 2:04 a.m.

i feel like i haven't updated this in forever. considering my recent slew of posts, ten days is forever. i mean, i haven't talked to hal (well, besides our quick two-minute conversation on the phone wednesday) in two weeks, and that's an eternity to me. why does he disappear when i need to talk to him the most? i know he's busy, but... he hasn't been online at all. i haven't seen a shred of proof of his existence in the last two weeks. and i'm going back to school tomorrow; i won't be home again until november 15th. that's a long time.

right now i'm wicked tired but i'm trying to stay up in hopes that he will actually come online and i'll get to talk to him. but as every minute ticks by, the chance becomes less and less, and i become more tired. so i think it's a pretty good judgement that i won't talk to him tonight. onto other matters.

went to umass amherst today. visited heather; went to the football game; hofstra lost. got pizza with heather; was threatened by an asshole new york umasser for wearing hofstra stuff, even though i go there. i don't know. got pizza; ate pizza. left umass; got lost. finally got to the masspike; enjoyed the drive back (except when stupid massholes went 60 in the left lane!). went to target; talked to laura and found out hal left work two hours early, so i missed him. i was sad. went home; jenna came over. went over jenna's; hung out with her boyfriend and a geeky friend i want to marry. came home.

see? there's nothing else to my life. it's sad.

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