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crazy dream analyzation
2003-10-08, 10:15 a.m.

i had a crazy dream this morning. and i'm going to write about it.

nate was living at my house (except it wasn't my house; it was my grandfather's in my yard) and he, scott, and i were going to go out. i called hal to see if he wanted to come out with us, and he said sure, he'd be right over. so we waited for him. while we were waiting, a group of crazy portuguese people came and ransacked our house, taking everything. i convinced them that i, being a poor college student, had nothing of value, so they let me go. i went outside to call hal (outside is the only place i get reception at my house), because he wasn't there yet. outside, i was attacked by a caveman who wanted to steal my cellphone. my sister came to help me, and we ended up playing monkey in the middle with my phone. finally, we knocked him unconscious and i got away with my phone, and was about to call hal when laura's car pulled into my driveway. she said hal was lost down the street, so she was checking to see if this was our house. then he pulled in, and my entire family (which apparently includes nate) piled into the two cars (scott, nate and i in hal's car; my mum and katie in laura's) and escaped the portuguese people.

so we drove along and stopped at nightfall to set up camp. we sat around a campfire, and passed around food and drinks. miriam brought this jewish drink in a huge jug, which nobody else liked except sarah (we were having a real party by now, in the woods), so they guzzled it down and got really drunk. hal and i decided to sleep in the trees (elves?) while everyone else slept on the ground (they're all hobbits!), and we stayed up talking. he said (in a lot of words) that he really liked me, but he just broke up with his girlfriend of a long time and he didn't want to rush back into things, he wanted to have time by himself to think. i said okay, i can deal with that. that's not too horrible. so we went to sleep.

the next day, we went back to the house (which was now really my house), and had a baseball game in the front yard. in the middle of the game, olive's mother came walking through the "infield", wearing yankees clothes, swaggering like a drunk, and just being a real asshole. the game stopped (obviously), and my mum was like, "what happened to you?" everyone was staring at her, and she smiled. "i've found my halloween costume!" she said, laughing.

while all of this was happening, i glanced over to hal, who was playing shortstop. he was making out with trot nixon on the second base! then he looked up at me and i pretended i hadn't noticed, and laughed at olive's mom instead.

then i woke up and wanted to scream, "HE'S NOT GAY!"

i know where everything comes from. it's just not too comforting.

portuguese people: the crazy family my aunt married into, and i spent sunday with.
the caveman: johnny damon, the "unfrozen caveman"
we leave the house: i run away from my problems instead of resolving them.
nate acting like family: he's feeling more and more like family, including the fact that i never get to see/talk to him and my family gets along with him more than i do.
laura: i'm jealous of the fact that she gets to see hal a lot more than i do, and she knows what's going on with him before i do (generally)
miriam and sarah: yom kippur and sarah's every word being about judaism (which apparently bothers me, as i've had multiple dreams now)
sleeping in the trees: i haven't seen lord of the rings in a loooong time, and it bothers me.
hal's "i want to be single" speech: well, that one's pretty obvious, isn't it? we've had that discussion before (except for the liking me bit).
baseball game: baseball's obviously on the mind right now.
olive's mother: i don't know why it was her, but the halloween costume was obvious... sarah and i were discussing halloween costumes yesterday and what would be ironic (her dressing up as a nun, for instance). a yankee fan would definitely be ironic. and of course, they would have to be drunk and an asshole. otherwise they wouldn't be a yankees fan.
hal and trot nixon: i don't know where trot came from (except that i'm apparently obsessed with the red sox), but the whole "let's make out with a guy!" thing is just... territory i do not want to get into. hal assures me he's not gay, but... come on, that's ruining my streak! haha. plus, this weekend we discussed the possibility of him being gay. he does these perfect impressions of gay men. it's scary.

even the fact that i looked away and pretended not to notice says exactly how i would react.

and the fact that christie was nowhere to be found in my dream bothers me. i don't know how to take that. i don't want her out of my life, but... lately she hasn't really been there. which i understand, as yesterday she wasn't feeling that well, and i was gone this weekend, and there's apparently a strife between us. but being left out of my dream (when random people like miriam and olive's mother were in it) really makes me think.

so that was my crazy hal/red sox dream.

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