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why i hate hofstra
2003-09-27, 10:20 a.m.

i hate hofstra and its stupid hours for everything. i didn't go to the gym yesterday, so i woke up this morning to go early, and then i'm going to go later, after the football game. so i wake up, get ready, and walk over there... and it's closed. it opens at SIX FREAKING THIRTY on weekday mornings, but doesn't open until eleven on the weekends when nobody has class to go to in the morning? i know, to some that means that people aren't going to get up as early... but saturday you still kind of get up at the same time, sunday you get up late. plus, the gym closes at "promptly 10:50" as the sign says... who the fuck came up with that time to close the gym? i don't understand.

and then there's the student center... weekdays it closes at 8:30, which is reasonable. friday? 7:30. does that make sense? no! sunday it closes at like, six. okay, i know that everything closes early on sunday... but they should make an exception for the cafeteria, because WE LIVE ON CAMPUS. WE HAVE NOWHERE ELSE TO GO.especially sunday, as everyone who went home for the weekend doesn't usually get back until seven or eight. if they're going to do that, they should at least make our meal points valid at the mcdonald's on the corner or something (not that i would go there, but... with the interest of everyone else).

but since i walked all the way to the gym and then all the way back, i no longer have time to put in my laundry. it's just shy of an hour and a half before i have to be at the football game... which i really wish i didn't have to go to. but we're playing the delaware blue hens, which is our ultimate rival (come on, who doesn't hate delaware?), so it should at least be fun sitting in the bleachers (especially if cutebasketballgameguy sits right near me like last game). even though we're going to get our asses kicked. but hey, that's every football game. christie got a rubber chicken yesterday and painted it blue... so we're going to hang it for the game on my hofstra keychain. go pride!

and check out my livejournal, there are some interesting pictures of the chicken on there.

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