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quick trip to boston
2003-08-06, 12:30 p.m.

this morning, around 2:30, my sister and i left for boston. we got there in about 45 minutes (as there was absolutely no traffic, of course), wandered around north station/fleet center looking for security, and then got her cellphone. we were followed by some weird guy back to our car (which was parked outside of a dunkin donuts, which of course had police in it), and then we went home. we got back at around 4:00. i saw a sign for "WORLD SHAVING HEADQUARTERS" in big neon letters, and i decided that if i lived in a city, i would never sleep (not that i ever do anyway) because cities just do not get dark. but then we came home to the middle of nowhere and darkness and i went to sleep.

and now i have to get ready for work. i was going to make this a better entry but i ran out of time. but anyway, i think i qualify for best sister because i went with my sister, even though i was about to go to bed, to get her cellphone in the middle of the night (er, morning?). because i didn't want her falling asleep at the wheel (and i wasn't sure how much she had drank that night, but found out later it was almost nothing), or getting stalked in boston at 3:30 in the morning.

but that was the first time i'd been to boston all summer, how much does that suck? haha. i think next week (i actually have days off!) i might go up there. or down to the cape. hmm...

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